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Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire puddings look and taste great - a traditional English accompaniment.

Making water icing for cakes

This shows how to make a water icing.

Slice water chestnuts

This shows you how to slice water chestnuts. Water chestnuts are great in many dishes, including many chinese recipes.

Vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar is very handy when making biscuits, for example, to give a subtle hint of vanilla flavour. Why not give vanilla sugar a try when you next make a batch of shortbread.

Making tortilla crisps

Tortilla crisps make a great snack or accompaniment and are really easy to make.

Cooking sushi rice

This shows how to cook sushi rice.

Making sushi dressing

This shows how to make a sushi dressing.

Sweet chilli mayonnaise

This shows how to make a sweet chilli mayonnaise, which makes a great dip for friends and family to share.

Making a roux

A basic white roux is possibly the most used of all thickening agents in the kitchen. A roux is quite simple to make – just equal parts of melted butter/margarine and plain flour. The following shows how to make a roux.

Making a raspberry coulis

A raspberry coulis looks and tastes fantastic with many cold dessert dishes. Here, raspberries are being used but you can exchange these for the fresh fruit of your choice.