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  • Pumpkin and chicken vol au vents

    Pumpkin vol au vents are a great recipe for cooking pumpkin. This pumpkin recipe uses chicken and vol au vents to make a great tasting snack or meal.
  • Pumpkin kebabs

    Pumpkin kebabs are a great way of cooking pumpkin. This recipe for pumpkin kebabs uses bacon and pepper to make great tasting kebabs.
  • Roast pumpkin

    Roast pumpkin is a great vegetable to cook when pumpkins are in season. This recipe for roast pumpkin shows how you can use any leftover pumpkin.
  • Why pumpkins at Halloween?

    Why pumpkins at Halloween? Originally, people made jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween out of turnips but pumpkins were found to be larger and easier to carve.
  • Pumpkin recipes

    These great tasting pumpkin recipes will help you use up leftover pumpkin this Halloween. Buy a pumpkin and enjoy the delicious taste of pumpkin.