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  • RenO Wine – reuse your wine bottles

    What makes RenO Wine different to other wine suppliers is that they specialise in the use of returnable glass bottles. Return bottles to get money off.
  • Shopping locally

    Here are some tips and suggestions if you are considering shopping locally. Shopping locally brings benefits in terms of quality of food and your local area.
  • Brandy sauce

    This recipe is for brandy sauce. If looking for brandy sauce recipes, this straightforward recipe should be ideal.
  • Chocolate and honeycomb cupcakes

    The cupcake recipe is for a chocolate and honeycomb cupcakes. If looking for a chocolate cupcake recipe, this cupcake uses honeycomb for a great taste.
  • Chocolate truffle cupcakes

    This recipe is for a chocolate truffle cupcake. This chocolate recipe creates delicious chocolate truffles for a cupcake.
  • Chocolate tart

    This chocolate tart recipe is a great chocolate recipe to try at home. If you are looking for chocolate dessert recipes, this choc tart will be ideal.
  • Chocolate mousse

    This chocolate recipe is for chocolate mousse. Sometimes referred to as mousse au chocolat, this mousse recipe uses dark chocolate. You could add the zest of orange and Grand Mariner for a great alternative chocolate mousse.
  • Chicken and bacon pie

    This chicken recipe is for a chicken and bacon pie. This chicken pie recipe is a great combination of chicken and pastry.
  • Christmas lunch tips

    I would think that ...