Cake and pastry recipes 33 results
  • Tunisian Orange Cake

    This Tunisian orange cake recipe is a delicious cake recipe full of wonderful citrus flavours of orange and lemon and is taken from Norfolk's Own Cookbook.
  • Matcha Fortune Cookies

    This Matcha Fortune Cookies recipe from Maria Sisci makes around 50 fortune cookies and is well worth the effort. Make these great fortune cookies at home.
  • Chocolate cupcakes

    These chocolate and mint cupcakes have a hint of the refreshing taste of mint, look great and are easy to make.
  • Meringue mushroom cupcake

    This recipe shows how to make cupcakes decorated with meringue mushrooms that look too good to eat!
  • Chocolate and honeycomb cupcakes

    The cupcake recipe is for a chocolate and honeycomb cupcakes. If looking for a chocolate cupcake recipe, this cupcake uses honeycomb for a great taste.
  • Strawberry cupcakes

    This strawberry cupcakes recipe is for a cupcake decorated with strawberries and cream, celebrating the famous tennis tournament at Wimbledon.
  • Banana cupcakes

    This shows how to make a banana cupcake. The bananas on top are made from marzipan and the cupcake mixture contains a small amount of diced banana. The marzipan bananas on the top are almost too nice to eat!
  • Decorating cupcakes

    This iced cupcake shows how the icing can be painted to create a stunning looking cupcake that would not be out of place in a gallery.
  • Chocolate truffle cupcakes

    This recipe is for a chocolate truffle cupcake. This chocolate recipe creates delicious chocolate truffles for a cupcake.
  • Royal icing decorations for cupcakes

    This cupcake recipe shows how you can use royal icing decorations for cupcakes. Using royal icing decorations for cupcakes makes great looking cupcakes.