Main course recipes 33 results
  • Cooked breakfast

    Breakfast recipes are for all day and this mini cooked breakfast makes a great snack or meal. This cooked breakfast recipe will really start your day.
  • Homemade beef burgers

    This beef recipe is for homemade beefburgers, often referred to as hamburgers. This recipe for burgers is great served with onion rings and chipped potatoes.
  • Lamb shank

    This recipe for lamb uses lamb shanks that are slow cooked for great taste. This lamb shanks recipe is great served with potatoes and vegetables.
  • Roast turkey

    This turkey recipe is for roast turkey and shows how to cook a turkey.
  • Quiche lorraine

    This quiche recipe is for quiche lorraine. This recipe for quiche is great served with new potatoes and a green salad.
  • Pork fillet with saute leek

    This pork recipe is for a pork fillet with saute leek. This recipe for pork is served with a cream and Dijon mustard sauce.
  • Mains recipes – cooking tips

    Main courses come in all shapes and sizes to suit different tastes and appetites. Here, are some great tips for cooking main courses.
  • Stir fried duck

    This stir fry recipe is for stir fried duck with broccoli and cashew nuts. This stir fried duck is served with noodles.