Vegetable recipes 27 results
  • Onion rings

    This recipe is for onion rings. This onion ring recipe makes onion rings that make a great garnish for steaks and beefburgers.
  • Braised red cabbage

    This cabbage recipe is for braised red cabbage. This recipe with red cabbage is served with apple, bacon, red wine and red wine vinegar.
  • Baked stuffed tomatoes

    This tomato recipe is for baked stuffed tomatoes. This stuffed tomato recipe uses cous cous to make great tasting tomato dish.
  • Baby sweetcorn

    This vegetable recipe is for baby corn. Often referred to as baby sweet corn or baby sweetcorn, this is great served with stir fry dishes.
  • Cooking tips for vegetables

    Here are some great tips for cooking vegetables including use of farmers markets and homegrown produce.
  • Diced carrots

    This shows how to dice a carrot.
  • Buttered savoy cabbage

    This recipe shows how to cook savoy cabbage. Here, a buttered savoy cabbage is cooked, which makes a colourful vegetable for any dinner plate.
  • Buttered asparagus spears

    This asparagus recipe is for buttered asparagus spears with pancetta. This vegetable recipe shows how to cook asparagus spears, which can make a nice simple starter as well as a side dish.