Chopping mint

Chopping mint – adding great flavour

Chopping mint is a key cooking skill as herbs such as mint add great flavour to recipes.  Whilst this shows how to chop mint, the same method can be used for chopping most of your herbs when required.


  1. Pick the leaves of the herbs and make a pile in the middle of the chopping board.
  2. Using your large cook’s knife, hold the handle in your right hand and hold the tip of the knife on the board with your left hand between the thumb and the first finger (or vice versa if you are left handed).  This is where the shoulder of the knife comes into play.
  3. Starting at one side of your pile of herbs, hold the knife tip firmly on the board and with a chopping movement bring the knife down and through your herbs, slowly working your way across the pile of herbs.
  4. Scrape the pile together and start again chopping through the pile.  Continue until the herbs are chopped to the size you require.

With a little practice you will find that you can do this quite quickly.  Also, this is a good method for chopping onions, garlic, etc.

Cooking with herbs

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Recipes using mint

Now that you have found out all there is to know about chopping mint, why not try these selection of recipes that use mint?

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