Dice parsnip

Dice parsnip – all you need to know about how to prepare parsnips

This cooking skill shows you how to dice parsnip.  Parsnip is closely related to the carrot and can be used in a wide range of recipes, such as roasted parsnips, roasted root vegetables, and mild korma and parsnip soup.



  1. Firstly, wash, peel and rewash the parsnips.
  2. Remove the top (wider end) and cut lengthways into the widths you require for your dice.
  3. Place each strip of parsnip onto your board and cut into long finger shape strips, again the width of the dice you require.
  4. Gather the parsnip strips together and cut across them to dice the parsnip (cubes) to the size you require.

Parsnips – did you know?

Parsnips have been used as a vegetable since antiquity and were cultivated by the Romans (Wikipedia)

Parsnips were used as a sweetener before the arrival in Europe of cane sugar (Wikipedia)

Parsnips are usually cooked but can also be eaten raw (Wikipedia)

Recipes using parsnip

Now you have learnt all there is to know about preparing a parsnip by cutting into a dice, why not try some of these great tasting parsnip recipes:

Recipes using dice parsnip - Roasted root vegetables

Roasted root vegetables

Roasted parsnips with honey

Roasted parsnips with honey

Mild korma and parsnip soup

Mild korma and parsnip soup