How to make onion cloute

Onion cloute – all you need to know

This cookery skills shows just how to make an onion cloute.  An onion cloute is great for adding flavour to many different sauces and making a cloute is really easy to do.  Cloute is translated to ‘studded’ from French to English, which accurately describes the process of putting cloves into an onion to create studs.  This studded onion adds great tastes and only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Cooking spices – other ways of adding great flavour

In addition to using a cloute, there are other ways of adding great flavour to your cooking through cooking spices.  Why not find out some more about cooking spices and how they can spice up your cooking in the kitchen?

Onion cloute – recipes using a cloute

The following recipes make use of an onion cloute – why not use your new cookery skill of making a cloute to make these recipes?

Onion cloute - use this to make a bread sauce

Bread sauce

Onion cloute - use to make a white sauce

White sauce