Great tasting recipes

There are many great tasting recipes for you to try.  Using all your new cooking skills, why not try some of these mouth watering dishes at home.

Below are all the recipe types arranged into different categories.  For example, if you are looking for something to cook as a starter,  click on ‘Starters’.

Starter recipes

These smaller portion recipes are ideal as smaller meals on their own or as a starter for a larger meal.

Salad recipes

Salads are quick and easy to make and give you a healthier option for a quick snack or lunch. Go on, give one of these great tasting salad recipes a try!

Soup recipes

Soups make a great lunch, starter or small meal, are easy to make and delicious to eat. Here are some great tasting soup recipes for you to try.

Pasta recipes

Pasta is so versatile to cook as a quick snack, a delicious evening meal or even as a salad. These great tasting pasta recipes are easy to make.

Egg recipes

Quiche lorraine

This quiche recipe is for quiche lorraine. This recipe for quiche is great served with new potatoes and a green salad.

Fish recipes

Skate wings

This skate wing recipe is for skate wings served with darkened butter and capers. This skate wings recipe looks great on the plate and tastes fantastic.

Vegetable recipes

Onion rings

This recipe is for onion rings. This onion ring recipe makes onion rings that make a great garnish for steaks and beefburgers.

Potato recipes

Fondant potatoes

This potato recipe is for fondant potatoes. Each fondant potato looks great on the plate and is an eye catching way of presenting potatoes.

Main course recipes

Bacon rolls

Bacon rolls are a great accompaniment to many dishes. This is a simple bacon recipe that only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook. Cooking bacon in mini rolls presents the bacon nicely on any dinner plate.

Dessert recipes

Christmas pudding

This recipe is for christmas pudding, often referred to as christmas pud and xmas pud. However you name it, this christmas food recipe tastes fantastic.

Cake recipes

Chocolate truffles

This recipe for chocolate truffles is a great recipe for chocolate. This truffle recipe uses dark rum but could be made with orange juice for children. If you are looking for a recipe for choc truffles, look no further.

Cupcake recipes

Chocolate cupcakes

These chocolate and mint cupcakes have a hint of the refreshing taste of mint, look great and are easy to make.