Strawberry cupcakes

This strawberry cupcakes recipe shows how to make a cupcake decorated with strawberries and cream.  This is to celebrate the world famous lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon where strawberries and cream are famous.  Click here to download the recipe for this strawberry and cream cupcake.


Ingredients – 6/8 strawberry cupcakes

  • 75g basic cupcake mix
  • 8-10 strawberries
  • White chocolate shavings
  • Vanilla flavoured buttercream
  • Green edible dusting powder

Mise en place

  1. Make the vanilla flavoured buttercream.
  2. Make a few white chocolate shavings.
  3. Wash and thoroughly dry the strawberries.  Save one small strawberry for each cupcake and put aside until later.  Remove the stalks and chop the remaining strawberries into small pieces.
  4. Make the basic cupcake mix and add about 50g of chopped strawberries.  Bake and allow to cool.


  1. Fill a paper piping bag fitted with a small star tube with the buttercream.  Neatly pipe over the top of the cupcakes, finishing with a whirl in the centre of each one.
  2. Lightly dust over the top with a touch of green edible dusting powder.
  3. Lay a few of the white chocolate shavings against the swirl of buttercream in the centre of each cupcake.
  4. Take the strawberries one at a time and carefully cut into thin slices but only cutting about ¾ of the way through.  Gently press the strawberry on your work surface to fan out.
  5. Place the fanned out strawberry onto the centre of each cupcake to create great tasting strawberries and cream cupcakes.

If looking for a great strawberries and cream recipe, these strawberry cupcakes with strawberries and cream will be ideal.