How to shred a cabbage

This cooking skill is all about how to shred a cabbage.  Cabbage can be used in many recipes, which often require the cabbage to be shredded.  Here, we show how to shred a cabbage.  A savoy cabbage is used but other types are available.

How to shred a cabbage

  1. Break off any outside cabbage leaves that maybe discoloured.
  2. Hold the cabbage firmly on the chopping board then, using your long cook’s knife, carefully cut the cabbage into half.
  3. Next, put the flat side of the cabbage down onto the board and cut into half again, leaving you with four quarters.
  4. Taking one quarter of the cabbage at a time, carefully cut out the thick stalk from the centre of your cabbage, taking each quarter in turn.  This will usually be in a V shape.
  5. Lay one flat side of the quartered cabbage onto the board then, using your large cook’s knife, slice the cabbage crossways, cutting the strips as thick as you require.  Put the cabbage into a colander and wash well under cold running water.  Allow to drain before use.  You should now have a shredded cabbage.


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