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Bain marie

A bain marie is a hot water bath and is ideal to keep foods such as sauces hot without being on a direct heat. A bain marie is simple to set up and is used in many recipes.

Pasta marinade

Marinading adds great taste to pasta and will give you more time to concentrate on the sauce and other ingredients. Just add the marinated pasta for the final few minutes to heat through before serving.

Mains recipes – cooking tips

Main courses come in all shapes and sizes to suit different tastes and appetites. Here, are some great tips for cooking main courses.

Peel and dice potatoes

There are many great tasting potato recipes to cook. This shows how to wash and peel a potato.

Food shopping tips

Most of our shopping is done at a local supermarket but an increasing amount is now done online. Here are some great food shopping tips to help you out.

Mise en place

What is mise en place?...

Cooking tips

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Reasons for cooking

Reasons for cooking - ...