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Mushroom duxelle

This shows a mushroom duxelle recipe, which is a great mushroom stuffing recipe. This mushroom duxelle is easy to make and only takes a few minutes.

Balling a melon

Balling a melon is quick and easy to do and is a great way of preparing melon for different dishes. Melon makes a refreshing accompaniment to many meals.

Sharpening kitchen knives

There are many ways of sharpening kitchen knives but the most important thing is to take care. Sharp kitchen knives make all knife work in the kitchen easier and quicker so learning how to sharpen your kitchen knives is a great skill to learn.

Peeling and grating ginger

Peeling and grating ginger is a useful cooking skill as ginger adds great taste to a wide range of recipes. Here, we show how to peel and grate ginger.

How to chop and crush garlic

How to chop and crush garlic is a key cooking skill as garlic is another great workhorse of the kitchen and gives great flavour.

Sugar coat glass rim

Using a sugar coat glass rim is a great way of adding style to your desserts. Sugaring the rim of a glass looks great and is really easy to do.

Seasoned flour

Making seasoned flour is one of the easiest cookery skills in the kitchen but adds great taste to many dishes. It only takes a few seconds to prepare.

Separate an egg

Being able to separate an egg is an important but straightforward cooking skill to learn. There are three different methods of separating an egg shown here.

Cutting peppers

Peppers come in a rainbow of colours – red, green, orange and yellow. A bright red pepper finely sliced will bring colour and another texture to a tossed salad. This shows how to cut a whole pepper as well as cutting pepper rings, diced pepper and julienne of pepper.

Deglazing a pan

Deglazing a pan is where you simply add a liquid such as wine, stock or even water to a very hot pan. This helps to extract as much flavour as possible.