Chocolate cupcakes

These chocolate and mint cupcakes have a hint of the refreshing taste of mint, look great and are easy to make.

Brandy sauce

This recipe is for brandy sauce. If looking for brandy sauce recipes, this straightforward recipe should be ideal.

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

This chicken soup recipe is a popular soup recipe for many. This recipe for chicken soup includes sweetcorn and makes a great tasting homemake chicken soup recipe.

Halloween recipes

Halloween recipes make great use of pumpkin over the Halloween period. Here are some great tasting pumpkin recipes for you using any leftover pumpkin.

Meringue mushroom cupcake

This recipe shows how to make cupcakes decorated with meringue mushrooms that look too good to eat!

French onion soup

This french onion soup recipe is a great tasting soup recipe to make at home. This onion soup recipe can be served with toasted bread flutes covered in melted cheese.

Golden syrup tart

This is a recipe for a golden syrup tart, also known as golden syrup cakes and treacle tarts. These individual golden syrup tarts are great served with raspberries or rhubarb.

Mise en place

What is mise en place? Mise en place is simply the time spent peeling, chopping, making stocks, weighing all the ingredients, etc. to get yourself and nice and prepared for cooking – having everything in its place.  Preparation also includes getting all your cooking utensils ready, not forgetting plates, knives, forks, etc.  Wikipedia describes it as French phrase…

Cooking tips

Cooking tips – essential cooking tips for you When the time comes to start cooking, put on some of your favourite music, pour a drink or make a mug of tea and read your recipe again. And, if you really want to look the part, buy a striped apron – it will save getting splashes…

Reasons for cooking

Reasons for cooking – why cook? Many of us cannot afford to eat out at restaurants too often, or have take-aways every evening. So, one reason why we may ask what are the reasons for cooking is cost and that we all need to eat!  Other reasons include the fact that many foods need to be cooked…