To make croutons, take a few slices of white bread. Cut off the crusts and cut the bread into small dice.

Bread flutes

Here, we show you how to make bread flutes. Bread flutes are great as a quick snack at any time and are great to serve with soup.

Bouquet garni

You will find bouquet garni mentioned quite a lot in cookery. A bouquet garni is a small bundle of herbs, vegetables and spices tied into a bundle and dangled into stocks, soups, stews, etc. It is a good idea to always tie your bouquet garni to the saucepan’s handle, which allows for easy removal when it is finished with.

Dice tomatoes

This cooking skill is all about how to dice tomatoes. Dice tomatoes are used in many great tasting recipes. Here is all you need to know to know.

Blanch tomatoes

This cooking skill is about how to blanch tomatoes. Many think tomatoes are much nicer to use when they have been blanched and skinned.

Dice swede

This cooking skill is all about how to dice swede. Swede is not used in everyday recipes and dishes but is great if you want to try something different.

Runner beans and French beans

Runner beans and French beans, used in many recipes, are easy to prepare. Fresh from the garden, they can be prepared, cooked and eaten within 30 mins.

Dice beetroot

This cooking skill shows how to dice beetroot and is useful when preparing salads. Beetroot is generally known in America as ‘table beet’ or ‘red beet’.

Stone an avocado

This cooking skill is all about how to stone an avocado. Avocado is used in many great tasting dishes and this shows how to remove the stone.