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British Brittle – the grown up sweetie from Norfolk

big skies food co logoWhen I first came across British Brittle in an article I read, I knew I just had to try it!

Now having tried it and found it absolutely delicious, I contacted Mark and Zoe at the Big Skies Food Co to find out more on what makes this hard toffee, made in Norfolk, so different to all the other sweets you can buy.

How would you describe British Brittle?

British Brittle 2Our British Brittle is a sweet hard toffee made with local British sugar.  The sugar beet from fields in this area is refined in Bury St Edmunds and we use high heat and open pans to make the flavoured Brittles in a traditional manner from our Norfolk kitchen.

The process involves taking the sugar to just the right point of caramalisation before pouring the molten lava very carefully onto the forming trays.  We generally make to order for our customers and use biodegradable packaging too so that we minimilise our environmental footprint.  Our company name ‘Big Skies’ reflects our belief in using and celebrating the wonderful ingredients that East Anglia produces.

British Brittle 4Although we make a traditional peanut brittle we also wanted to try other taste profiles.  We spend a lot of time balancing flavours before we offer a product to market, there are currently five flavours available in local stores.

As far as we are aware, we are the only British Producer that is making Brittle on a commercial scale who use British and local ingredients wherever possible.  Terms like ‘hand packed’ in Britain do make us laugh!

What is it that makes British Brittle so special and delicious?

British Brittle 3Our British Brittle is a very grown up sweetie (try our toffee apple Brittle with a good Blue Cheese) and there is the bonus of our Brittle being gluten free and Vegan friendly too.  The Brittle has a great shelf life which means it can be enjoyed in moderation.

Although we make no great nutritional claims for toffee, we do believe it has a place within a varied diet, bringing us pleasure both in flavour and in memory of childhood.  Few things can bring such comfort as a good sweetie from time to time, and for many of us childhood sweets brought our first understanding of cost, possession, sharing and treats.

What is the most popular flavour of Brittle?

Opinions vary as we offer Traditional Peanut, Roasted Cashew, Fresh Chilli & Salted Peanut, Fresh Stem Ginger & Peanut and a Toffee Apple Brittle. Some flavours are more popular in different stores but our Fresh Chilli Brittle probably inches ahead.

What is the most unusual flavour?

We only offer this flavour online and at selected shows but we make a free range Bacon Brittle.  It is a slightly challenging combination but if you enjoy maple syrup and bacon then this is a sweet treat that has no equal!  We use Blythburgh free range pork exclusively for this product as it’s from the ‘Big Skies’ region and it has superb welfare standards that reflect in the flavour!  At Christmas, we made a Yuletide Brittle of mixed nuts with Christmas spices – it was well received and we hope to offer other seasonal specials from time to time.

Where can people buy Brittle from?

We have a lot of premium outlets across Norfolk and Suffolk and offer online sales across the UK.  A list of current outlets is available on our website and we’re always looking for more!

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