Food in the news – 13 December

Food in the news – 13 December

Food in the news – here are the food stories that have been making the news this week.

McDonalds will let customers build their own burgers for the first time

Food in the news - McDonalds to let customers build burgersThe company said it plans to expand the “create your own taste” option to 2,000 of its 14,000 US locations by next year, as part of program to boost sliding sales. The burger chain’s plans to stop the decline include an expansion of a test that lets people build their own burgers by tapping on a touchscreen.


Pizza Hut launches eccentric Dorito pizza

Food in the news - Pizza Hut launches eccentric Dorito pizzaJust when you thought food hybrids couldn’t get any more disturbing, Pizza Hut decided that pizza and nachos would be a match made in heaven.  Though it may look like a spoof, the chain really has begun to sell a pizza with Doritos cooked into the crust.



Aldi’s organics entry could cause a price war

Food in the news - Organic food the next battleground in price warOrganic food could become the next battleground in the supermarket price war, Helen Browning, chief executive of the Soil Association, has warned after Aldi’s move into the sector



Is this the Starbucks of the future?

Food in the news - Is this the Starbucks of the futureThe news that Starbucks is opening another store may not seem like news at all, but this time it’s with a twist.  The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is a new phenomenon in the coffee world, where the beans are roasted on the shop floor before being sent via pneumatic tubes to the baristas.


One of the worlds rarest beers on sale in Britain

Rare-beer-hits-LondonOne of the world’s rarest and most luxurious beers has arrived in London and is on sale for a whopping £800 at St Pancras railway station.



Can drinking water transform your looks?

Can drinking water transform your looksMother-of-two Sarah Smith drank three litres of water a day, and although her reasons for doing the experiment were purely health, the physical results were pretty astounding.




Red wine drinkers earn most but spend least on gifts

Red wine drinkers earn mostAccording to research, although red wine enthusiasts earn more money are more confident, they are also more likely to scrimp on Christmas presents than those who habitually sip white wine.