Food in the news – 20 December

Food in the news – 20 December

Food in the news – here are the food stories that have been making the news this week.

Christmas crackers filled with cheese

Food in the news - Cheese christmas crackersHow about these gold and black crackers that hide a selection of different flavoured cubes of cheese, plus mini crackers to eat them on, as well as a cheesy joke and of course a Christmas hat?  It’s no joke!



Some pizzas contain the same salt as seven Big Macs

Food in the news - Some pizzas contain the equivalent salt as seven Big MacsDid you know that half of all pizzas in Britain are said to contain more than the recommended daily limit for salt – with some containing the equivalent of SEVEN Big Macs.




Eating on public transport – the dos and donts

Food in the news - Eating while travellingEating and drinking on public transport is increasingly tightly policed – here’s your guide to conscientious in-transit eating, which includes picking up your debris and not being a scary weirdo!



Cereal killer – which other novelty cafes could be a hit

Cereal killers - novelty cafesRead all about the all-day diner selling more than 100 breakfast cereals, 12 types of milk and 20 toppings, run by bearded, tattooed twins, in a venue steeped in 1990s pop-cultural nostalgia.



The most far flung Irish pubs in the world

The most far flung Irish pubs in the worldNo matter how far you travel, one thing’s for sure – you’re likely to come across an Irish pub. Here are some of the most remote and unusually-located, from the world’s highest to a bar at the end of the earth



Christmas dinner – you think you’ll eat 2000 calories but it will be closer to 6000

Christmas dinner - you'll eat close to 6000 caloriesMost people estimate that they consume around 2,600 calories on Christmas Day, but in reality the figure is closer to 6,000 – that’s the equivalent of 12 Big Macs, and three times the daily recommended amount of calories for a woman, and just under 2 and a half more than a man’s.



The Christmas hampers that cost three times more than the individual items

Christmas hampers that cost three times more than the individual itemsMajor supermarket chains add a markup of up to 300pc, or £49.01 extra, on items sold together in a Christmas hamper than if they were sold separately, an investigation by Telegraph Money has found.



World pie eating championships collapse as ‘pies are too big’

World Pie Eating Championship 2014Read all about why the annual World Pie Eating Championships has ended in controversy – because the pies were too big. The cooked dimensions for the pies used in the aborted final were twice the official competition size.