Food in the news – 6 Dec

Food in the news – 6 December

Food in the news – here are the food stories that have been making the news this week.

The French delicacy made of 25 layers of pigs intestines

Food in the news - Pigs intestines sausagesGuemene-sur-Scorff in north-west France may not be well known internationally, but a popular French delicacy was born in the town.  The andouille de Guemene is a pork sausage made from pigs’ intestines and stomachs.  Find out more about how the salted intestines of three pigs, weighing in at 3kg, go into each andouille.


Would you try bubble gum broccoli or Doritos Mountain Dew?

Food in the news - Bubble gum broccoliPutting foods and concepts that don’t seem like they’d go together isn’t always such a bad idea.  Find out more about how PepsiCo has been giving Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew – “Dewitos” – taste tests.


Coca cola launches filtered milk with naked women ads

Coca cola milkThe Coca-Cola company, maker of soft drinks, energy drinks, juice and water, has created what it calls filtered milk.  Find out more on how the company has launched Fairlife, a brand of expensive, high-protein, low-fat milk with a new ad campaign featuring naked, sexy pin-ups on scales.


New device detects horse meat

Horse meat detectionRemember the recent horse meat scandal across Europe?  Rest assured that scientists have created a faster, cheaper alternative to DNA testing to detect if “beef” is actually horse meat.  Find out more.


A glass of wine as bad as three shots

Drinking wineThe latest public health warnings concerning wine claim that enjoying a glass after work does as much harm as drinking three shots of vodka.  Find out more on whether you think this is simply scaremongering or not.