Grey Seal Coffee – coffee roaster from the Norfolk Coast

Grey Seal Coffee LogoGrey Seal Coffee – what a fantastic name and logo!  I just had to find out more so got in touch with David from Grey Seal Coffee and asked him just what it was about coffee that he loves.  Also, find out how to make the perfect coffee, what makes Grey Seal Coffee so special and how you can attend a “Brew Better Coffee at Home” course.

I’ll certainly be paying David and his team a visit next time I am up on the North Norfolk coast with the family.

What is it you love about coffee?

Coffee is a totally exotic product which is lovingly tended by those who grow and process the bushes from when they are planted to when they are harvested.  Every part of the growing and picking process has an effect on flavour and quality and the variables are endless.  Due to this, you could drink a different coffee every day for the rest of your life and never have to use the same bean!  It is an endless voyage of discovery: every coffee has it’s own unique flavour; requires roasting differently to optimise flavour; every bean will have the perfect brewing method; the way a bean is roasted will affect which brewing method produces the best results; the temperature of water and the fineness of the grind affects the outcome of the quality of cup etc etc.  There is so much to learn.

What makes Grey Seal coffee so special?

Grey Seal CoffeeWe specialise in sourcing high-quality, single origin beans from around the world to develop a range of coffees which offer enough contrast to suit all tastes.  We roast our coffees in the ‘third wave’ style which is lighter than the traditional roasts – this allows the instrinsic flavours of the beans to come to the fore in the cup without being dominated by the taste of the roasting process.  This produces much sweeter and more fruity coffees without dark bitter notes.  We feel this is more ‘true’ to the coffee cherry which is grown in the tropics.  We are a small batch roaster and roast every week to maintain fresh stocks and we are the only coffee roaster in North Norfolk and part of a small band of roasters in the UK.

Where did the name Grey Seal come from?

We wanted to root our company’s image with North Norfolk.  We are located in Glandford, part of the beautiful and historic Bayfield Hall estate in the Glaven Valley, just two miles from Blakeney Point, the World’s largest colony of Grey Seals.  We love them and even rescued a baby seal on the beach on Christmas day.

Tell me more about the coffee classes you run

Grey Seal CoffeeWe run a course for the public called “Brew Better Coffee at Home”.  We believe that with a few simple pointers, everybody can make excellent coffee at home.  Life is too short for bad coffee and you don’t need to spend a fortune on really expensive kit to achieve great results – another reason that coffee is so fantastic.  It’s a hands on course lasting 3.5 hours where we look at 5 different brewing methods and how each method affects the flavour of a particular coffee.  At the end of the course, participants get to take home a bag of fresh coffee, a set of brewing guides and get 10% off any brewing kit they buy on the day.  It’s a lot of fun and very caffeinated!

Where can people try and buy Grey Seal coffee?

Grey Seal CoffeeWe are expanding our customer base very quickly.  Our roastery is open most weekends 11-4  – you can try any of our beans in any brew method.  You can buy Grey Seal Coffee online.  Our own café, Art Café at Glandford stocks and brews the whole range of Grey Seal coffee and brews espresso, drip filter and Aeropress.  We supply a number of cafes and restaurants, outside caterers and chefs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK.  You can buy our beans at Jarrold in Norwich, Walsingham Farm Shops in Walsingham and Heacham and at Algies Farm Shop in Bintree.

What advice do you have for making the perfect coffee?

Four golden rules:  1. Buy good quality, fresh coffee beans and use within 2 months  2. Grind freshly for each cup if at all possible  3. Weigh the coffee and use the right ratio of water  4.  Use filtered water at approx. 93 degrees.

Where can I find out more on Grey Seal Coffee?

Find out more on Grey Seal Coffee through the following:

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