Latest food news – 10 January

Latest food news – food stories making the news this week.

Here are some of the latest and more interesting food stories making the news around the world this week, from free breakfasts at Ikea to people walking an average of 61 miles in the kitchen each year!  Keep up-to-date with all the latest food news and quirky news stories here at cookeryskills.

Prosecco on tap? Assolutamente no!

Latest food news - Prosecco on tapProsecco producers are unhappy after learning that British pubs and corporate events are pouring their delicate drink like warm beer from the tap – even saying that massive fines should be considered.

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Black market cheese dealers are springing up across Russia

Black market cheese dealers in RussiaGouda and Camenbert are now trading on the black market in Russia. The decision to ban imports of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy from the US, EU, Australia, Canada and Norway in response to Western sanctions has led to black market cheese dealerships.

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People ‘walk 61 miles around their kitchen’ every year

Latest food news - People walk 61 miles round their kitchen each yearSticking to your health and fitness-related New Year’s resolution may not be as hard as you think!  A study into Britons’ kitchen habits has shown that the average person walked 130,000 steps (61 miles) around their kitchen in 2014 – the same distance as London to Oxford.

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Is this the best kebab shop in Britain?

Latest food news - The best kebab shop in BritainSuper Kebab in Stoke Newington won a coveted award for best takeaway this week at the British Kebab Awards. Super Kebab, a family-owned business established eight years ago, took the coveted national award for best takeaway on Wednesday, sharing it with sibling site Super Ocakbasi, a five-minute walk away.

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McDonald’s is introducing wireless charging in restaurants — for the few people that have the phones to use it

Latest food news - McDonalds is introducing wireless phone chargingMcDonald’s is to offer free wireless charging for people in its restaurants — if they have the right phones, which are rare.  The company has a deal with wireless charging firm Aircharge to bring the chargers to 50 restaurants.  In all, 600 of the charging points will be installed, all using the Qi standard.  That standard is gaining acceptance with manufacturers, but hasn’t yet been installed in many phones.

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Ikea, a place to get shelves, wine glasses – and free breakfast

Latest food news - Ikea offers free breakfasts on a MondayWho knew that at the same place where you can pick up a build-it-yourself futon or Lack floating shelf, you could also pick up a free plate of potatoes, sausage and eggs?  Beginning in September 2014, all Ikeas across the U.S. started offering free breakfast on Mondays, as part of the company’s national plan to generate awareness for the restaurant and boost business.

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