Latest food news – 14 March

Latest food news – the best food stories from last week

This week we found out about Jeremy Clarkson getting into hot water over some steak (or lack of it to be precise) and plans were revealed for a combined cider and whiskey tipple from Magners – how many of you will be brave enough to try it?  Powdered alcohol emerged as a discussion point in the US, would you eat meat balls that don’t have any recognisable meat in them and how does beer made from sewage water sound to you?  Plenty of crazy food stories for you to get your teeth into this week!

I’m with Jeremy Clarkson: we’d all like steak at work

Latest food news - I'm with Jeremy ClarksonPoor Jeremy Clarkson. After a hard days filming on Top Gear in the wilds of North Yorkshire he returned to his hotel to find he couldn’t even get a simple steak and chips with which to fortify himself for another day at the dashboard. While there’s little about Mr Clarkson’s ample proportions to suggest this is a regular occurrence, given his status as the world’s leading motormouth (and the programme’s value for BBC Worldwide), perhaps it’s no wonder he threw his Dinky toys out of the cot.

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Magners with Irish Whiskey – yep, that’s cider and whiskey in a bottle

Latest food news - Cider and whiskey in a bottleThere’s a new drink on the market which is set to make summer a lot more, well, drunken. To celebrate their 80th anniversary, Irish cider makers Magners have launched Magners with Irish Whiskey. Yep, that’s cider AND whiskey in a bottle (which sounds both totally delicious and absolutely lethal).

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Palcohol: US regulators approve powdered alcohol

Latest food news - Powdered alcoholOfficials in the US have sparked controversy by approving a powdered alcohol that can be mixed into drinks, snorted or even sprinkled onto food. Federal regulators last year briefly gave the green light to the makers of Palcohol before changing their decision, saying they should not have done so. But this week, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau said issues that had been preventing the granting of approval had now been addressed

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Food company forced to change the name of its meatballs to just ‘balls’, as they don’t contain any recognised meat

Latest food news - Company changes name from meatballs to ballsA Finnish food company has stopped referring to its product as meatballs online because they don’t contain any actual meat. Instead, they will now only be called ‘pyöryköitä’, or ‘balls’ in English. Oh. This week, Ruokakesko, the food division of Finnish firm Kesko, changed the name of its meatball product on its website to reflect the fact they only contain ‘mechanically-recovered meat’ (MSM), which isn’t defined as meat under Finnish law

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Would you drink beer made from sewage water?

Would you drink beer from sewer waterWe’re getting more creative with what we do with our waste. The end of 2014 gave us the “poo bus” – a bus run on sewage and food waste – and Bill Gates is currently drinking faeces made by a machine that turns human waste into drinking water and electricity. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the latest “waste innovation” project is beer made from sewage water.

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