Latest food news – 17 January

Latest food news – food stories making the news this week.

Latest food news – here are some of the latest and more interesting food stories making the news around the world this week, from Cadbury’s changing the Crème Egg recipe, beer made from whale testicles, Starbucks weddings and breakfasts so big you need to sign a waiver before eating!  Keep up-to-date with all the latest quirky news stories here at cookeryskills.

Nation in shock as Cadbury’s changes Creme Egg recipe

Latest food news - Nation in shock as Cadburys changes Creme Egg recipeCadbury’s has stunned consumers by changing the recipe of its Creme Eggs and reducing their number in boxes from six to five.  The insanely sweet but moreish snack is only on sale for three months of the year, making the change all the more egregious.

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Icelandic brewery launches a beer made of whale testicles

Latest food news - Iceland launches a beer made of whale testiclesIcelandic microbrewery Steðji has launched a special edition beer for the country’s mid-winter festival Thorrablot, which starts next week. According to the brewery’s website, the Hvalur 2 beer, which is 5.2 per cent alcohol, is made from the highly-unappetising sounding “sheep ***-smoked whale balls”.

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Would you have a #starbucks wedding?

Would you have a starbucks weddingPeople are taking their love of Starbucks to the next level by getting married there.  Over 100 people have posted pictures to Instagram with the tag #StarbucksWedding.  A couple who tied the knot at Starbucks in Janesville, Wisconsin, on New Year’s Eve even went as far as to fill their vows with coffee-related puns!

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Worlds first crisp sandwich cafe is a sell-out in under two hours

Worlds first crisp sandwich cafeAs lunchtime approached, the cafe received ‘overwhelming’ demand for the crisp-filled sarnies, with queues forming round the block, leading Simply Crispy to sell out. Pretty impressive considering the idea for the café started as a spoof!

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The breakfast so big you have to sign a waiver before you attempt it

Very big breakfastThe Corner Cafe in Portishead, near Bristol, is currently offering its Monster Mega Challenge breakfast, which will set you back £15 and 8,000 calories.  It contains a quite astonishing 59 breakfast items and you have to sign a waiver before you attempt it.

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Haggis is the cure for American obesity

Haggis is the cure for American obesityThe United States should lift its ban on the import of haggis in an attempt to tackle the country’s obesity crisis, a leading medic has said. Lord McColl of Dulwich, a retired professor of surgery, said American Scots were being deprived of the “wholesome” food and as a result dying of obesity.

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