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With Easter coming, it’s not surprising to read about someone with the best job ever – an Easter Egg taster!  We also found out about bacon delivered straight to your door, mini edible meals from Japan and hangover-proof wine.  Do you really believe that British people make tea incorrectly (I can believe that!) and what do you think about breast milk-flavoured lollipops?  Read more to find out!

This bacon delivery service will cure your hangovers forevermore

Latest food news - Bacon deliverySome generous souls with our hangovers in their hearts have opened up a bacon delivery service called Cure & Simple. That’s right – bacon. Delivered to your door. What could be more dreamy that waking up to that on a Saturday morning? You can set up Cure & Simple deliveries like you would with a Graze box. Choose from a weekly delivery (for those who have serious FOMOOB – Fear Of Missing Out On Bacon), a fortnightly delivery (for the bacon dabbler) or a monthly delivery (for those of you who can take it or leave it, but like the idea of bacon dropping through your letterbox.)

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This woman has the job you’ve always wanted – she’s an Easter egg taster

Latest food news - Easter Egg tasterThis woman has the job you want. Alex Emerson-White is an Easter egg taster for Marks & Spencer. And she puts away five kilos of chocolate a week. That’s the equivalent of 100 Mars Bars. Or 147 (and a bit) Creme Eggs. Or 172 Malteser Bunnies (they’re lighter, you see). She travels the globe for M&S, tracking down the perfect ingredients for the high street store’s Easter treats – most of which are handmade in the UK and Ireland.

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Guinness launches Golden Ale

Latest food news - Guiness launches golden aleGuinness – it’s black as tar and a meal in its self, right? Well not any more.Because Guinness is now also selling a blonde beauty called Guinness Golden Ale. The 4.5 per cent ale is brewed in Dublin using Guinness yeast, Irish Barley, hops, and an amber malt that gives the new ale its colour.

Brewer Peter Simpson says you can look forward to subtle biscuit flavours, a crisp bitterness and a delicate hop aroma, giving way to a refreshingly clean finish

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The internet is now obsessed with cooking tiny doll food

Latest food news - Cooking tiny doll foodWe can always rely on Japan for kitsch – if unusual – trends, and these cooking videos are no exception. Clips demonstrating how to prepare miniature versions of food such as chips, pancakes and even tiny trays of lasagne have gone viral after Japanese fans uploaded them to YouTube. And now, since the popularity of the videos has increased, YouTubers across the world have been busy making their own versions of edible mini meals.

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Starbucks delivery is coming

Starbucks delivery is comingBecause let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to find a branch of Starbucks and it’s not like they’re on every street corner, the coffee chain is to start taking delivery orders later this year. Delivery service Postmates will facilitate the delivery of your caffeine fix, starting in Seattle in the second half of 2015 before rolling out nationwide (no sign of a UK launch yet).

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British people are making tea wrong, according to science

British people are making tea wrongA worrying majority of Britons aren’t brewing their tea properly, according to a new study. The British Science Association conducted the research as part of British Science Week. They asked over 1,000 adults about their tea-making habits and found that Britons were failing to brew their tea for the required amount of time, which they claim is up to five minutes.

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Fancy a breast milk lollipop?

Breast milk lollipop flavourIt’s official: anything and everything is possible in the world of food, and that includes breast milk-flavoured lollipops. American “gourmet lollipop” company Lollyphile sell a bizarre range of lollipop flavours, including ones that taste like mothers’ milk. Owner Jason Darling said he knew he needed to capture the flavour of breast milk once it dawned on him that his friends were producing milk “so delicious it could turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one

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Hurray! Hangover-proof wine is finally here

Hangover proof wine is hereThat familiar pounding headache and intense nausea that typically follows a night of alcoholic over-indulgence could finally become a thing of the past. A professor of microbial genomics at the University of Illinois, Yong-Su Jin, has found a way to change the way yeast reproduces. By altering its DNA, his team can increase the amount of nutritional components in the yeast while at the same time reducing the toxic byproducts that cause hangovers

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