Latest food news – 24 January 2015

Latest food news – food stories making the news this week.

Latest food news – here are some of the latest and more interesting food stories making the news around the world this week, from a restaurant staffed by prisoners, why Britain is going gooey over peanut butter, the world’s worst airline meals and how milk become cheaper than water.  Keep up-to-date with all the latest quirky news stories here at cookeryskills.

Cardiff diners are queuing up to get into The Clink

Latest food news - Cardiff diners are queuing up to get into The ClinkA restaurant which is staffed by prisoners has beaten all-comers to top TripAdvisor rankings.  The Clink restaurant at HMP Cardiff came first out of 946 dining establishments in the Welsh capital.  One satisfied diner wrote: ‘The standard set by everyone at this venue would be hard to match in any other restaurant we have been to in recent times.’

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McDonald’s has finally revealed how it makes french fries

Latest food news - McDonalds has finally revealed how it makes its french friesMcDonald’s has finally revealed how it makes its french fries – and surprisingly potatoes do make the ingredient list.  But it’s not all good news – 14 chemicals are also thrown into the mix, one of which is petrol-based (tertiary butylhydroquinone) and another is a silicone used in silly putty (dimethylpolysiloxane).

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Survey reveals the nation’s favourite nostalgic tea time treat

Latest food news - Survey reveals the nations favourite tea time treatAh, remember that happy hour when you’ve just got in from school, all the best telly was on, and you could help yourself to the snack drawer before dinner? It was a glorious time. Nothing gets us feeling all warm and nostalgic as much as our favourite retro food. But, which one came out top in a recent poll of the nation’s most-loved childhood tea time snacks?

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Peanut butter: why Britain’s going gooey over the sticky spread

Peanut butter love is spreadingIt has been rebranded as a health food and sales are up 13%. Where do you stand on the crunchy or smooth divide and have you tried it satay-style on toast? News from the Grocer shows Britain has gone nuts for this unctuous stuff, which has now pushed past marmalade and into third spot, behind honey and jam, in the list of best-selling spreads.

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How did milk become cheaper than water?

How did milk become cheaper than waterDairy farmers need greater protection as they struggle to cope with the sharp fall in the price of milk, MPs have warned. Globally, returns from dairy products have fallen by more than 50 per cent in the past 12 months. The price has plummeted so rapidly since last summer that milk is now cheaper than bottled water.

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The world’s worst airline meals

Worlds worst airline mealsNorth Korea’s Air Koryo,has once again been ranked the world’s worst airline by Skytrax, a UK-based airline and airport consultancy company. Ranked out of 681 airlines from around the world, the carrier received a one-star rating based on its product and service quality.

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Is this the end of the banana?

Is this the end of the bananaBananas are one of the most popular fruits in Britain, but a rapidly-spreading fungus could endanger our future supplies. A new strain of a common fungal infection called Fusarium wilt or Panama disease, attacks the world’s most popular banana, the Cavendish, which is found in UK supermarkets.

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Eating offal: will the British ever fall in love with brains?

Eating offalWill we ever get our heads around eating brains? I’m not convinced. According to recent newspaper reports, more British chefs are putting brains on the menu – but for most of us, grey matter remains an offal frontier too far. Sales of offal in the UK totalled more than £34 million in the year to January 2015, up by more than 13 per cent on the year before.

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Best fish and chip shop in the UK announced at National Awards

Best fish and chip shop in the UK announcedIf you’re looking for fish and chips, it seems you may have to travel a fair distance before you find the best in Britain. Frankie’s Fish & Chips in Brae, Shetland, Scotland, has been crowned the best fish and chip shop in the UK.

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