Latest food news – 31 January

Latest food news – food stories making the news this week.

Latest food news – here are some of the latest and more interesting food stories making the news around the world this week, from a hot chip vending machines, Marmite and Pot Noodle Easter eggs, the worlds most expensive tea and why Waitrose is scrapping free tea and coffee for table hoggers!  Keep up-to-date with all the latest quirky news stories here at cookeryskills.

Hot chip vending machines are being rolled out across the globe

Latest food news - Hot chip vending machineA company is attempting the first ever global roll-out of hot chip vending machines. The machines cook the fries from frozen before dispensing them, all hot and crispy, into a cup – all the better for shovelling them into your face

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Marmite and Pot Noodle Easter Eggs announced

Latest food news - Marmite and Pot Noodle Easter Eggs announcedThe company behind brands Marmite and Pot Noodle have come up with a new way to alarm your tastebuds this Easter.  Thanks to Unilever and chocolate film Kinnerton, Marmite and Pot Noodle flavour Easter eggs will be arriving on shop shelves in the UK in February 2015

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Egg McMuffins are made from ‘very fresh’ real eggs, says McDonald’s

Egg McMuffins are made from real eggsWhy is the egg in the Egg McMuffin round? Is it sliced from a roll? Are the eggs even real? These are just some of the questions McSkeptics have about the origin of this McDonald’s breakfast classic. So, in the latest of the fast food giant’s behind-the-scenes charm offensive, host Grant Imahara attempts to prove that Egg McMuffins DO actually include egg

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These are the most sugar-packed cereals aimed at your children

Sugar packed cereals aimed at childrenParents are unwittingly feeding their children cereal which contains as much sugar as seven and a half chocolate fingers, according to health campaigners. The warning from campaigners comes during National Breakfast Week, when the health benefits of eating a meal in the morning are championed

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Waitrose scraps free tea and coffee for cafe table-hoggers

Waitrose scraps free tea and coffeeWaitrose is scrapping a free-for-all which allowed loyalty card holders to drink free tea and coffee while sitting in its cafes – even if they had bought nothing else. The supermarket group said the move was not a cost-saving exercise but instead was a reminder to its myWaitrose card holders of the “etiquette” involved in its offer.

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Pot of gold: tasting the world’s most expensive tea

The worlds most expensive tea£180 pot furnishes four small cups. The leaves can retail for more than £650,000 a kilo. They come from just three fabled bushes in Fujian province. As they grow, the leaves are wiped with goat’s milk to give them shine, then picked and baked in small batches over charcoal. They are left to gain flavour for up to 80 years

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Rare burger consumption forces FSA to revise advice

Growing popularity of rare burgers causes FSA concernThe growing trend for serving rare burgers in restaurants across the country has raised serious concerns by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) about the increased risk of food poisoning through minced beef patties that haven’t been cooked sufficiently to kill off dangerous pathogens they may contain.

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