Latest food news – 7 February

Latest food news – 7 February 2015

Latest food news – here is your latest fix of the most quirky food stories hitting the news this week.  Find out why there has been panic buying of chocolate in California, whether Britains are really ready to eat insects and why a Tesco shopper was asked for ID when buying fruit, to name just a few of the stories.

British chocolate lovers panic-buying Cadbury’s in California

Latest food news - British chocolate lovers panic buying cadburysChocoholic expats in San Francisco have been grabbing entire boxfuls of Cadbury’s products off the shelves of a British shop, fearing that supplies will soon dry up. According to David Kidd, a Briton from Stoke on Trent who runs the You Say Tomato import store in the city, “People have definitely been buying a lot more Cadbury’s products”.

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Hangover delivery services are officially a thing

Latest food news - Hangover delivery servicesHangover delivery services are cropping up around the country to help people satisfy their morning-after cravings. And Swindon-based company The Hangover Man is the latest to set up shop. Founded by teetotal couple Luke Chequer and his fiancee Charlotte Broadbridge, the service promises to deliver anything locals need, but are feeling to rough to go leave the house for themselves

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Are Britain’s foodies ready to eat insects?

Latest food news - Are Britains foodies ready to eat insectsThe Wahaca chain of Mexican street food restaurants put a new special on the menu in January. At £4.25 the dish has a core ingredient many would wince at – crickets. Nevertheless some 1,500 plates a week have been sold at the chain, set up by former Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers

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Tesco shopper asked for ID when buying fruit

Latest food news - Tesco fruit shopper asked for IDUsing one of the self-service machines at her local Plymouth branch, Kate Lancaster was left confused when the till flashed a “requiring ID” sign for her purchase of watermelon and grapes. The Tesco customer service person replied: “don’t quote me on this but I have heard a rumour that all fruit will be age verified ongoing in case natural fermentation takes place”.

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French chefs get ‘le huff’ as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

Latest food news - French chefs get le huffWar is declared, not for the first time, between France and Britain. The conflict might be called “Michelin star wars” or the gastronomic empire strikes back.

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Newcastle Brown Ale recipe to change to keep America happy

Latest food news - Newcastle Brown Ale recipe to changeThe recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale is changing to keep customers in the US happy, after drinkers across the Atlantic worried it contained a carcinogenic food colouring. Heineken, the company that brews the world famous beer, says it will get rid of the chemical which gives the drink its distinctive caramel colouring. The Dutch drinks giant took the decision even though the colouring gives the drink its renowned ‘brown’ colour, and the European Food Safety Authority has twice ruled that it is safe

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McDonald’s starts selling Big Mac sauce, first bottle going for $18,000

McDonald starts selling Big Mac sauceEver been tucking into a bowl of pasta and thought ‘Damn, dinner time would really come alive if everything  tasted like a Big Mac!’? Well, this is the limited edition product for you. McDonald’s has bottled its trademark Special Sauce, an integral part of the Big Mac since its inception

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