Latest food news – 7 March

Latest food news – all the best food news from last week

This last week, we found out about the latest diet that has proposed health benefits – this time it is the Mediterranean diet!  I would certainly agree that puddings were certainly better in the nineties – Ice Magic was just that, magic!  Would anyone really eat a frog burger and are Ben & Jerry’s serious when they say they could make a cannabis ice-cream?  Below, find out more on these and all the other quirky latest food news from this week!

Mediterranean diet could halve your risk of heart disease

Latest food news - Mediterranean diet could halve heart riskThe Mediterranean diet is regularly lauded for its health benefits, including helping to fight dementia and cutting the risk of cancer. Now, a new study suggests it may also be beneficial in combating heart disease. The team found those who followed the Mediterranean diet were 47 per cent less likely to develop heart disease compared to those who did not follow the diet.

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15 puddings we all got ridiculously excited about in the nineties

Latest food news - Ice creams from the ninetiesFace it – puddings were better in the nineties. Childhood obesity hadn’t been discovered and all our favourite desserts consisted almost entirely of food colouring, gelatine and sugar. Yes, some of these have been updated and are still around now but they’re just not the same

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Inventor of the coffee capsule ‘feels bad’ for environmental damage

Latest food news - Inventor of coffee capsule feels badHis idea revolutionised beverage preparation and spawned a multibillion-pound industry, but the inventor of the American version of the coffee capsule has admitted he “sometimes feels bad” about what he did – and fears for what his creation is doing to the environment. John Sylvan also revealed that he no longer uses his own invention – the K-Cup

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Anyone for a black bun frog burger?

Latest food news - Black bun frog burgerOk, it’s official, burgers have now officially reached peak weird. Forget fried chicken buns and or patties designed to taste like human flesh, this black bun frog burger is officially (well, according to us) the most out-there burger in the world. This most unusual of burgers is the latest offering from the Orbi Yokohama museum in Japan (who previously gave us the totally rad blue burger, which looks like the earth).

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Ben & Jerry’s could soon be making a cannabis ice cream

Latest food news - Cannabis Ben and Jerrys ice creamThe actual Ben and Jerry (the ice cream companies co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield) made the admission during a filmed interview for the Huffington Post. The idea came from reader Jeremy Simpson, who sent in the message: ‘Ben and Jerry should TOTALLY do a cannabis edibles flavour… available wherever legal (or course)

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McDonalds to stop using human antibiotics in its chicken

Latest food news - McDonalds to stop using human antibiotics in chickenMcDonald’s has announced it will gradually stop selling chicken treated with antibiotics across its European outlets, amid concerns that overuse could make crucial medications less effective in humans. The European arm of the world’s biggest restaurant chain said that it will stop using fluoroquinolones and marcolides over the next three years, in an attempt to prevent bacteria from becoming resistant to drugs.

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The nine rules of best-before dates: when to freeze, when to chuck out food

Latest food news - The nine rules of best before datesMost of us have swigged milk teetering on the edge of its use-by date, and shorn the green shoots off a potato. Now it seems our spirit of rationing, or rather our gross refusal to clear out the fridge, has been vindicated. A report by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) found shoppers could save £600m a year if best-before dates were extended by even one day

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