Lick My Dip – the very best hot sauce

Lick My Dip – more than just sauce

Lick my DipWhen I came across ‘Lick My Dip’, I just had to find out more – just the name itself conjures up something very different and intriguing.  I love the way they describe the sauce as ‘passion in every last drop’ and state that their aim is to ‘help people like you feed these urges’!

I caught up with Dave who gave me the low down on what ‘Lick my Dip’ is all about and why they are more than just your average sauce company.

What do you offer at Lick My Dip?

‘Lick My Dip’ is a subscription hot sauce service.  We offer a monthly subscription featuring the best hot sauce, fiery snacks and spicy cooking ingredients available from small UK-based manufacturers.  There are loads of ‘craft’ manufacturers popping up all over the country and our mission is to connect our members with incredible sauce and snacks from these guys, saving them time and money.

What made you get involved with fiery sauces in the first place?

I personally have always been a thrill seeker when it comes to hot food and when I inevitably tired of the household supermarket hot sauces, I went in search of what other people where doing.  What I found was this whole culture of passionate manufacturers and creatives making awesome food and chilli heads who treat their sauces as you would a fine wine, collecting and reviewing them.

I poked around for a while talking to the creators and finding out about how they interacted with their market it dawned on me that building a subscriber base and delivering their products monthly would be great for them and for society!

How hot are the dips you feature?

This is something we spent a lot of time researching, and 99.9% of people favour flavour over mind blistering heat.  That in mind, the sauces we feature are hot enough to get the endorphins flowing but not enough to leave you hospitalised or crying for your mother!

Why should someone subscribe to Lick My Dip?

A membership is a great way to effortlessly discover great hot sauce and snacks every month.  We put a fair bit of effort into finding the best stuff that isn’t necessarily available online or locally.  Also, we deal exclusively with small UK based manufacturers so it’s a great way to support small business.

Lick my Dip

How do people sign up?

Head over to and hit subscribe, enter your home or office address and checkout.  It’s as easy as that!  We’ll deliver one of our wicked custom boxes to you every month.  Oh, and if you refer 3 friends, we’ll send your next box free!

We also have a blog attached to the site people can subscribe to where we’ll have features about manufacturers and events etc.

Lick my Dip