National Butchers Week 2014

National Butchers Week 2014 – love your local butcher!

National Butchers Week 2014 - Support your local butcher
Buy from your local butcher

Here at cookeryskills we are big fans of local butchers and believe that spending time searching for a good one is well worth the effort (see our blog on ‘Shopping Locally’.  Therefore it’s great that next week (Monday 24 March to Sunday 30 March) will see the seventh National Butchers’ Week take place in Britain.

The week will also be highlighting the unique service local butchers can offer, such as the more unusual and cheaper cuts of meat that are not necessarily found in supermarkets.  During the week special events will be held across the country, with butchers, schools and consumers getting involved.

An Idiots Guide to the Butchers

Organised by the Meat Trades Journal, this year’s event sees the creation of an online publication An Idiot’s Guide to the Butcher’s to help give people the confidence to visit their local butcher.  This useful publication includes a glossary of terms for various cuts of meat and five reasons to shop with a butcher.

What else is going on?

Keep an eye out in your area for any local events and why not use the week to visit your local butcher and see what they have to offer? You never know, it may change the way you shop for meat forever!  Go on – check out your local butcher and support National Butchers Week 2014!