Cooking tips

Cooking tips – essential cooking tips for you

When the time comes to start cooking, put on some of your favourite music, pour a drink or make a mug of tea and read your recipe again. And, if you really want to look the part, buy a striped apron – it will save getting splashes on your clothes!  Here are some great cooking tips to get you started.

Follow these cooking tips and you will make great tasting desserts like steamed jam sponge
Steamed jam sponge
  • Follow ‘mise en place’ and make sure you have got everything you need before.  If you need to prepare any ingredients, such as chopping an onion or making breadcrumbs, do this in advance so you are ready to go!
  • Follow your chosen recipe and enjoy yourself, adding each ingredient as described. Watch your seasoning though – season food slightly, to your taste. Always remember that you can add a little more salt but can never take it away. You can easily spoil your dish by adding too much salt!
  • Some recipes, such as stir-fries, are cooked very quickly, while others, such as stews or a slow-roasted belly pork, take longer
  • When you have completed your recipe it will take time to plate up.  Try to do this as neat as possible.
  • Don’t pile your plates sky-high, but try to make your food look light and very appetising, using a little garnish.
  • It’s nice to serve the main course of your meal on a plate with your chosen garnish and sauce and serve your lovely fresh potatoes and vegetables in small separate dishes.  Remember, in the first instance we all eat with our eyes.
  • So, now comes the most enjoyable time – eating the fruits of your labour. Enjoy it, you deserve it!

Cooking should never be a mundane task, but something of great enjoyment and fun to do on the days when you have lots of time to do it properly.

Good luck and good cooking!