How to cut onion rings

Cut onion rings – all you need to know about cutting onion rings

The onion is possibly the most used vegetable in cooking and this cookery skill shows how to cut onion rings.  Onion rings can be cut to the size you want and are great in recipes such as homemade hamburgers / beef burgers.


How to cut onion rings

  1. Peel the onion, leaving the root intact.
  2. Keep the onion whole.  Cut across the onion, working from the stalk to the root end.
  3. The onion rings will need to be separated between your fingers.
  4. Take extra care when slicing rings as whole onions have a tendency to roll around a little on the board.

Onions make you cry!

There are many tips on ways to stop onions making you cry, but it is hard to find a fool-proof way of doing this.  Whatever you try, don’t peel and chop them under cold running water – this can be rather dangerous.  Saying all this, the flavour onion gives is worth shedding a few tears for!

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Recipes using onion rings

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Deep-fried onion rings

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