Diced carrots

This cooking skill shows all you need to know about preparing diced carrots.  Carrots are one of the unsung heroes in the kitchen, used in many recipes.  You will find that the cuts of carrot below can be used on all root vegetables, such as turnips, swede, parsnips, celeriac and celery, to name a few.  Don’t forget to save all your vegetable trimmings for your stocks and soups.

How to cut diced carrots

  1. To cut diced carrots, wash, peel and rewash your carrots.
  2. Trim one side flat and put this side onto the board.  Next slice the carrot lengthways (the thickness will depend on the size of the dice you require).
  3. For large diced carrot, slice the carrot into two halves and then place each half flat on your board.  Slice in piece in half lengthways.  Holding the four quarters together on the board, cut across the carrot at right angles roughly every 2cm.  This size is ideal for stocks.
  4. For a medium diced carrot, lay the flat side of the carrot onto the board and slice lengthways (approx. 0.5cm thick strips).  Lay the strips flat on the board and cut into long match stick shapes, again 0.5cm thick.  Hold the carrot sticks together on the board and cut across them at right angles every 0.5cm.  This size is good for casseroles and soups.
  5. For small and very fine diced carrot, do exactly the same as above, but cutting the slices thinner, the sticks thinner and cut across the sticks much smaller.

Other ways of preparing carrots

Another way of preparing carrots is as follows:

Watch how to dice a carrot