Dice tomatoes

This cooking skill is all about how to dice tomatoes.  Dice tomatoes are used in many great tasting tomato recipes.  When cutting dice tomatoes, you can make the size of dice as large or small as you like, which in many cases depends on how the tomato is used in the recipe.

Dice tomatoes – a step by step guide

  1. Cut your tomato in half from top to bottom.  Then, using a knife or, better still, a teaspoon, scrape out all the seeds to leave you with two halves of empty tomato.
  2. Then bring the tomato slices together.
  3. Holding them firmly in your hand, cut across at right angles and you have diced tomatoes ready for use.  The number of cuts you will make will depend on the size of dice you require.

Other ways of preparing tomatoes

There are other ways of preparing tomatoes, which are outlined below: