Making breadcrumbs

This cooking skill is all about making breadcrumbs.  Breadcrumbs can be made using any bread, usually white bread, that is a day or two old.

  1. To make breadcrumbs, place the bread on a chopping board and carefully cut off the crusts using a sharp knife.
  2. Cut the remaining bread into rough pieces and place in a food processor.
  3. Blitz in the processor for a few moments.
  4. Remove the breadcrumbs and put them in a clean bowl.
  5. Gently break them up using your fingers.

Now you will have fresh breadcrumbs ready to use, or you can store them in a freezer in a clean container (labelled and dated) and save them until needed.  No need to throw away old bread anymore!

When making breadcrumbs, you can also add fresh herbs to the bread before blitzing.  This will give you a super coating to some fish or meat dishes.

Other ways of preparing bread

Other ways of preparing bread for recipes and snacks are as follows:

Watch how to make breadcrumbs