Dumplings is a very traditional recipe that is easy to make and tastes great – they are simply cooked balls of dough and often used as an accompaniment to main meals.  They are very versatile in that they can be cooked by steaming, boiling, frying or baking and can have a filling or simply cooked with other ingredients mixed in.


  1. Sieve the flour, then add the extra pinch of baking powder into a clean bowl.
  2. Add the suet and salt, then add the water and mix into a soft dough.
  3. Divide the dough into four equal parts. Then, lightly dust your hands with flour and roll the dough into rough ball shapes.
  4. Get the steamer working well on the hob, then add the dumplings. Cover with a circle of greaseproof paper, place on the lid and allow to steam happily away for about 20 minutes.

Dumplings – hints and tips

When making dumplings, to add some flavour, you can add some finely chopped herbs into the mix.

Dumplings – all you need to know

Here are some interesting facts about dumplings and how they are cooked and eaten across the world (Wikipedia):

  • Savoury dumplings made from balls of dough are part of traditional British and Irish cuisine
  • Cooked dumplings are airy on the inside and moist on the outside
  • The Norfolk dumpling is not made with fat, but from flour and a raising agent – Cotswold dumplings call for the addition of breadcrumbs and cheese, and the balls of dough may be rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, rather than cooked in a soup or stew
  • When sweetened with dried fruit and spices, dumplings can be boiled in water to make a dessert. In Scotland, this is called a clootie dumpling, after the cloth
  • In Scandinavia, dumplings have a vast variety of names, as the dialects differ substantially.  Names include potetball, klubb, kløbb, raspeball, komle, kumle, kompe, kumpe, kodla, kudle, klot, kams, ball, baill, komperdøse, kumperdøse, kompadøs, ruter, ruta, raskekako, risk, klotremat, krumme and kromme
  • Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia boast a large variety of dumpling, both sweet and savoury
  • Several types of dumplings are popular in the United States.  Bite-sized, hand-torn pieces of dough are cooked in boiling chicken broth along with a variety of vegetables to make the dish chicken and dumplings which is served as a thick soup. Chicken and dumplings is a popular comfort food in the Southern and Midwestern U.S