Sliced cucumbers

This cooking skill shows how to cut sliced cucumbers.  Cucumbers are very versatile and can be used in many recipes.  It may be just a chef’s thing, but give a ‘cookies’ a cucumber to slice and the knife turns into a Formula 1 racing car.  At some time, many chefs have tried to break the world record for chopping a cucumber, but very often end up with a plaster wrapped around their finger!  So, please do not try to copy the guys on television – take your time.  Saying that, slicing and dicing a cucumber is probably the best vegetable to practice your new-found knife skills on.

Cutting sliced cucumbers

  1. Wash the cucumber before using.
  2. You don’t have to peel your cucumber, but for making sandwiches, for example, it is much nicer if you do.  To peel a cucumber, simply use a potato peeler and peel it in long, green strips like peeling a carrot.
  3. Place the cucumber onto the board and carefully cut across it to form circles.

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