Pastry making tips

Here are some great pastry making tips when making and handling pastry.  Use these pastry making tips to make great recipes such as golden syrup tarts, cream horns and apple pies.

Golden syrup tart
Golden syrup tart
  • Along with cakes and sponges, when making pastry it does become more important to weigh the ingredients correctly.
  • The type of flour used is also important – sieving flour not only removes any unwanted lumps.
  • Make sure you use clean utensils and very clean hands when making pastry – it is a commonly held view that you need cold hands to make good pastry by hand, so it may be a good idea to wash them under cold running water for a few moments.
  • After making the pastry, either by hand or in a processor, allow it time to rest otherwise it may shrink when baking and turn out rather hard.  Wrap your finished pastry in some cling film and place it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before use.
  • Try your hardest not to overwork the pastry, as the less you handle it, the better it will bake.
  • When rolling out pastry, lightly dust your rolling pin and work surface with a little sieved flour, rather than dusting the pastry itself, as this would add more flour and may slightly change the texture of the pastry.  Always try to treat your pastry gently!

Great pastry recipes

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Dumplings are a traditional accompaniment and are really easy to make.

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