Recipe tips

Recipe tips – essential tips when it comes to recipes

Put simply, a recipe is a list of ingredients and a method of putting them together to make a certain dish.  Here are some recipe tips to help get you started.

April 25th
April 25th

There are literally hundreds of cookbooks in shops and local libraries that contain thousands of recipes.  Many recipe books take it for granted that the reader can cook and knows what the terms used in professional kitchens mean – this website starts at the very beginning so you can build up an understanding of terms like boiling, simmering and shredding.

In a way, cooking is a science, but not an exact science: a few grams added or left out, or an ingredient that is not suitable (e.g. nuts) could be left out or exchanged for another.

In terms of recipe tips, adding your own ingredients to recipes to make something totally different is one of the fun sides of cooking – you may come up with something classic.  Don’t forget to write down any new ingredients you may add so that you can remind yourself later if you want to cook it again!

Cooking needs a little common sense, as everyone uses different size dishes to cook in, ovens are all different (temperature varies a little from oven to oven), etc. so timings given in recipes are only approximate. If you make sure your food is hot and well cooked, you won’t go far wrong.

Once you have found a recipe that you hope to try, read it over a few times, look at any pictures and try to understand what you are hoping to achieve.  Make a list of the ingredients and go shopping.  Don’t forget other ingredients that you are going to cook to accompany your dish, such as potatoes and vegetables.

Don’t forget to pass your recipe tips on to friends and family!