Reasons for cooking

Reasons for cooking – why cook?

Many of us cannot afford to eat out at restaurants too often, or have take-aways every evening. So, one reason why we may ask what are the reasons for cooking is cost and that we all need to eat!  Other reasons include the fact that many foods need to be cooked to remove bacteria and make it safe to eat, it makes food more palatable and improves digestion.  Some snacks can take less than a minute to prepare whilst sophisticated meals could take many hours.  Whatever you are cooking, the main factor is to enjoy both the cooking and eating of your labours.  Try different tastes and styles and see what you like best.  Invite your family and friends round for a meal and take your time enjoying each other’s company – make eating and preparing food a social event and not something to be rushed and finished as quickly as possible.

Reasons for cooking - Homemade beefburgers
Homemade beefburgers

In terms of reasons for cooking, you may be looking to start a new hobby that will give you much pleasure.  Perhaps you are looking to eat a little more healthily and know exactly what is going into your food.  Maybe you are just surfing the web in your lunch break, thinking of what to have for dinner tonight.  Cooking and food is certainly a topic of discussion every day as it affects us all.

For a quick and relatively cheap comparison between homemade and shop bought food, try making fresh home-made potato salad.  Compare what you have made with a pot of ready-made potato salad and taste the difference.  Hopefully, this will convince you that something made at home can taste a lot better than something bought from a shop and will give you one of the reasons for cooking.  This step may give you an appetite to try to produce more great home-cooked food

Cooking nice food does take time: time to choose a recipe; time to shop; time to prepare your food; time to cook your food; and most importantly time to eat and enjoy it.  A key factor is to prepare your cooking in advance, the ‘mise en place’ so that all the ingredients come together at just the right time.

Enjoy your cooking!