Tomato and basil omelette

This egg recipe shows how to make a tomato and basil omelette, sometimes spelt omelet or omlette.  If looking for a recipe for omelettes, this omelette recipe with tomato and basil will be ideal.

Ingredients – Serves 1

  • 3 large fresh eggs
  • 40g tomatoes
  • 6-7 small fresh basil leaves
  • 10g unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • Sea salt / pepper

Getting everything ready

  1. You don’t need to peel and deseed the tomatoes, but if you take a few moments it will be worth it so that just the fleshy part of the tomato is used.
  2. Finely chop the tomato concassé.
  3. Using your hands, tear the basil leaves into smaller pieces and mix with the tomatoes in a bowl.  Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Break the eggs into a tea cup, remove any unwanted shell and transfer into a larger bowl.
  5. Season with salt and pepper and beat the eggs together using a fork or whisk.


  1. Over quite a high heat, heat the omelette pan and add the butter and oil (the oil should stop the butter from burning).
  2. When the butter begins to bubble well, pour in the beaten egg mixture.
  3. Cook the egg mixture quickly, keeping the pan moving with one hand and stirring with a fork or spatula with the other, not allowing the mixture to settle.
  4. Do not overcook the omelette.  It is done when it is still a little runny on top (‘baveuse’).
  5. Remove from the heat.  Using the fork or spatula, fold the omelette and carefully turn out onto a warm plate.
  6. Make in incision almost the length of the omelette and fill it with the tomato and basil mixture.

Tomato and basil omelette – hints and tips

Find a small frying pan, preferably non-stick, about 7” in diameter, with sloping sides: a proper little omelette pan.  If you can spare it, keep it for just making omelettes.  A large frying pan may prove to be too big and the egg mixture will spread far and wide., leaving you with a very large, thin, flat omelette.

Using a fork when making omelettes may not be too good on non-stick pans.  So, if you feel more comfortable in using a spatula, then please do so.  It will stop any scratches on that special pan.

This tomato and basil omelette is just one example.  You can fill omelettes with the filling of your choice, e.g. shrimps, prawns, tuna and sweetcorn, bacon, onion or cooked chicken.

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