Different ways of cooking fish

Cooking fish – how do we do it?  There are several different ways of cooking fish to give us grilled fish, baked fish and poached fish to name a few examples.  Below is information on the different ways of cooking fish.

Fish for sale
Fish for sale

Poaching fish

In liquids such as stock, milk or wine, where often the poaching liquid is saved to make a sauce.

Frying fish

Frying fish includes shallow frying in a frying pan with a little oil or butter and deep frying, as with fish and chips.  Always take extra care when using hot deep fat.  When shallow frying such as a fillet of plaice, always lay the length of the fish into the pan away from you to avoid any splashes of hot oil on your hand.  Always lay the presentation side of the fish down first, so when you turn it over it is then ready to go straight onto the plate.  Again, when deep frying, keep control of the temperature of the oil and lay the fish in going away from you.  Don’t drop the fish in from any height to avoid splashing.

Grilling fish

We can grill a great many fish, such as herring or sardines not only under the grill of the cooker but, in summer months, outside on the BBQ.  Sardines are great for this.

Stewing fish

We can gently stew some fish to make soups or chowder, or even a mild curry.

General picture of a fish sign
General picture of a fish sign

Steaming fish

Most fish that can be poached can also be steamed.

Baking fish

Fish such as sea bass or salmon are great for baking.  We can make all sorts of different coatings for the fish before it goes into the oven.  For example, trout can be stuffed with herbs, breadcrumbs, lemon, etc and then baked in the oven.