Carving turkey

This shows all you need to know about carving turkey.  The turkey has been roasted, removed from the oven, covered loosely with tin foil to keep warm and been allowed to rest, and everything else is cooked and ready to dish up.  So, it’s time to start carving turkey.  Hopefully you have found room somewhere to warm your dinner plates.  Make sure you have a good set of kitchen knives for carving turkey.

  1. Place the turkey on a clean chopping board.  Pull away the legs and wings and put aside, which should leave you with just the breasts.
  2. Take a good sharp knife and carefully begin to cut off nice thin slices of beautiful white turkey meat.
  3. Once you have sliced one side, turn the turkey round and carve the other side.
  4. Divide the white meat between the warmed dinner plates, add all the trimmings and serve straight away.

Carving turkey – hints and tips

If you wish to add a little dark meat, carve a slice or two of turkey from the legs.  However, if you’ve bought a turkey crown you won’t have legs to worry about.  If you have bought a crown that has been boned, rolled and tied, carving turkey will be the same as you would carve a joint of beef, but don’t forget to remove the string first.

Watch how to carve turkey