Pasta marinade

This shows how to marinade pasta.  In many cases, it is practical to cook the pasta to the ‘al dente’ stage and refresh it under cold water to stop any further cooking.

To marinade pasta

Drain the pasta well and place it in a clean bowl and marinade it with a little olive oil and a few leaves of herbs, depending on your recipe. A few basil leaves are great for this.  Lightly season, cover with cling film and put aside until required later to be added to your sauce.

Marinading pasta will give you more time to concentrate on the sauce and other ingredients.  Just add the marinated pasta for the final few minutes to heat through.

I tend to use a cheaper olive oil for my pasta marinade. Some of the more expensive extra virgin olive oils contain too much flavour and could overpower your final dish.

Tips for cooking pasta

Here are some great tips for cooking pasta, which includes information on how to choose your pasta and how to avoid overcooking your pasta.

Watch how to marinade pasta

Great tasting pasta recipes


This pasta recipe is for lasagne, sometimes called lasagna. This recipe for lasagne is great served with garlic bread and a crispy green salad.

Pasta with chicken and broccoli

This recipe with chicken uses penne pasta and broccoli. This penne with chicken is great served with Parmesan cheese.

Pasta with prawns

This recipe with prawns is for king prawns with pasta. This king prawn recipe uses linguine in a saffron cream sauce.

Pasta with roasted vegetables

This recipe with pasta uses penne pasta with roasted vegetables. This recipe with pasta and vegetables is served with a tomato sauce.

Spaghetti bolognese

This pasta recipe is for spaghetti bolognaise. Often referred to as spag bolognese or spag bol, this spaghetti recipe is great served with Parmesan cheese.

Pasta with tomatoes

This pasta recipe is for a tomato pasta with bacon. If looking for recipes with linguine, this pasta with tomato and bacon will be ideal.

Pasta with pork medallions

This pork recipe is for pasta with pork medallions. This recipe for pork is served with roasted pine nuts and a brandy cream sauce.

Pasta cooking tips

Here are some great tips to consider when cooking pasta.

Pasta with pancetta

This recipe for penne pasta is served with pancetta and baby broad beans. If looking for penne pasta recipes, this recipe for penne will be ideal.

Tagliatelle with ham and mushrooms

This pasta recipe is for tagliatelle with ham and mushrooms. This ham tagliatelle pasta dish is quick to cook and tastes great.