Peel and dice potatoes


To peel and dice potatoes, first, we need to wash the potatoes to remove any soil.  The best way is under cold running water.

How to peel potatoes

To peel a potato, take a potato peeler or small knife and carefully work your way around the potato to remove the skin, just like peeling an apple.  Carefully cut out any unwanted small discoloured bits (eyes).

Place the peeled potatoes into a bowl of clean cold water and rinse them in the water.  Then, pour the water away and cover the potatoes with clean cold water. They are now ready for use.

Raw, uncooked potatoes always need to be covered in cold water when not being used as they will soon discolour when allowed to come into contact with the air.

How to dice potatoes

To dice a potato, firstly wash, peel and rewash the potatoes.  Then, take a little extra care, as potatoes are wet and slippery.

Cut off a small, thin slice lengthways to give a flat surface to place on the board.

Slice the potato lengthways to the width you require.

Next, place each piece on the board and again cut lengthways into finger shapes into the width of dice you require.

Gather the potato fingers together and cut across them to form diced potatoes (cubes) at the size you require.

Now you have seen how to peel and dice potatoes, why not try some of the great tasting potato recipes we have for you?