Cooking tips for vegetables

Fresh vegetables

Cooking tips for vegetables

Here are some cooking tips for vegetables, including where to buy them and how different vegetables are available at different times of the year.

  • Keep your eyes open for local farmers’ markets or farm shops where they will mostly sell locally grown produce.  Don’t worry if you find a little dirt still on your carrots, parsnips, etc. as it will easily wash off!  Try growing your own vegetables – you can’t beat it!
  • Anything that is grown below ground, such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, etc can be cooked with a lid on in most cases.  Vegetables grown above ground, such as cabbage, sprouts, beans and peas, should be cooked with the lid off.
  • Anything grown under the ground should be placed in cold water and brought to the boil.  Anything grown above ground should be plunged into seasoned boiling water.
  • Try not want to cook vegetables too quickly, leaving them rock hard.  On the other hand, do not boil them for ages leaving a soggy mush on the plate where any goodness that was in the vegetable has totally been boiled away.  Try to get your vegetables to be just cooked but still tender and having lots of flavour.
  • Vegetables are a great foodstuff that can be placed into seasons.  They are like a calendar through the year, with asparagus, young broad beans, sweet baby carrots, young courgettes, etc. in late spring and early summer.  Through the summer months we have fresh garden peas, runner beans, etc.  Through the cold autumn and winter, root vegetables such as turnips, swede, parsnips come into their own.

Eating your five portions per day

  • Experts tell us to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.  Many vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy diet are found in vegetables. Many of these nutrients are found in or just below the skin of the vegetables.  Where possible, a good wash and scrub of the vegetables should give the most benefit.  If you have to peel them, try to peel them as thinly as possible.

I hope you have found these cooking tips for vegetables useful.  Why not try some of the great tasting vegetable recipes on