Broccoli florets

This cooking skill is all about preparing broccoli florets and preparing purple sprouting broccoliBroccoli stalks can be saved to make soup or added to a vegetable stock.  The stalks often contain more flavour than the flower part.

How to cut broccoli florets

Carefully cut away the small florets from the larger head, as you would with cauliflower.  Then, trim any excess stalk from the florets and cut a small cross into the base of each floret.  Place in a colander and rinse the broccoli florets under cold running water.

How to cut purple sprouting broccoli

To cut purple sprouting broccoli, simply take the long stalks of the broccoli and carefully cut them into about 3” lengths, keeping the purple heads well in tact. Trim away any excess leaves and wash under cold running water.