Waldorf salad

This salad recipe is for a Waldorf salad. This Waldorf salad is a famous salad and uses apples, celery, walnut, celeriac, mayonnaise, double cream and lemon juice.

Apple pie

This apple pie recipe is a great apple recipe to try. If looking for a recipe for apple pies, this makes 3 individual apple pies to serve with custard or ice cream.

Bramley apple week

Your essential guide to cooking with Bramley apples and why Bramley apples make such great tasting apple recipes.

Apple Day 2014

Apple day 2014 on 21 October is all about celebrating the common apple and the many different varieties there are in the UK.

Coring an apple

This cooking skill is all about coring an apple, peeling an apple and dicing an apple. Apples are refreshing in many recipes and add great taste.

Apple sauce

This apple recipe is for apple sauce. If looking for how to make a sauce, this apple sauce recipe is quick and easy to make.

Apple sponge pudding – Eves pudding

This pudding dessert recipe is for Eves pudding, which is a traditional apple dessert recipe. If looking for how to make a pudding, this sponge pudding recipe is ideal.