Latest food news – 14 February

Latest food news – female Viagra ice cream, pigs blood cocktails and crispy bacon noodle cocktails. Your essential guide to the best food stories this week.

Latest food news – 7 February

The most quirky food stories hitting the news this week – panic chocolate buying in California and a hangover delivery service to name just a few.

Latest food news – 10 January

Quirky food stories making the news around the world, from free breakfasts at Ikea to people walking an average of 61 miles in the kitchen each year!

Food in the news – 3 January

Food in the news – here are some of the latest food news stories, including wine ice-cream and why Coca-Cola is the best hangover cure.

Food in the news – 20 December

Food in the news this week. Christmas crackers filled with cheese and why the world pie eating championships were cancelled because the pies were too big!

Food in the news – 6 Dec

Food in the news – here are the latest food stories that have been making the news this week. From bubble gum broccoli to sausages from pigs intestines.